Fixed braces

Fixed braces are the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think of orthodontic treatment. They are the traditional ‘train track’ look of brackets fitted to the front surface of your teeth and connected with an archwire (and sometimes colourful elastic bands or ties). This system is the tried-and-true method of achieving a straighter smile and, with advancements in technology, fixed braces are more efficient and discreet than ever before!

Clear braces for clear results

At Share a Smile Orthodontics, we use the Damon system of fixed braces. The brackets are much smaller than those of conventional braces, making them more aesthetically pleasing and easier to clean. They also come in a choice of metal or clear brackets, the latter of which becomes almost invisible when paired with a white archwire. Damon braces are a great option for socially conscious teens and working adults who would prefer more discreet braces treatment.

Fixed braces

Self-ligating braces - faster treatment, fewer office visits

Self-Ligating system used to tighten your teeth. This means that the archwire is held in place without the need for elastics or ties. Instead, each bracket has a sliding mechanism that allows the teeth to move freely along the archwire. This means less force is needed to move your teeth to their desired position. Without the friction caused by elastic ties, your teeth are also able to move into place more quickly despite the gentle nature of the treatment. Because of their self-ligating nature, the braces tighten themselves, reducing the need for in-clinic appointments.

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Damon braces